New Music

Dawn & Baye


In the summer of 2016, Dawn collaborated with master Senegalese guitarist, Baye Mahanta Diop, renowned for his performances as member of Cheikh Lo’s Ndiguel Band. A self-taught guitarist, bassist and percussionist, Baye and Dawn arranged longtime West African songs of her repertoire, creating a new “tradi-moderne” sound, that captures the sounds of West Africa.

The first single, Deh bla nyo Wisseh, a Klao (Kru) song from Liberia, was released in April  of 2017. You can enjoy and download it on  cd baby iTunes, iHeartradio, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, SoundExchange, Pandora and more

She released two more singles shortly after that you can now listen to and download  on iTunes.

Check out Dawn’s page on iTunes. 

Liner Notes

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